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2016/17 Annual Report



We began this prosperous year by celebrating 20 years of our organisation, inviting and showing our appreciation to our founders, trustees and current members. It was a special evening, giving us an opportunity to reflect on our achievements.


PWA Sports Day 2016

Our annual sports day was our biggest yet – over 400 people gathered at Roger Bannister Sports Center for food, games and even a 7-a-side football tournament. Our sports day event was aimed to bring our Pungudutivu community in UK together.



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The funds collected were used to purchase cattle for our community in Pungudutivu in order to kick-start a milk distributing industry.

We would like to thank the three generous individuals who came forward and donated the funds needed for our cattle project:

Mrs Gowry, Mr S Mahalingam & Mrs Venukumar

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Pungudutivu A Disintegrated Island DVD release

Thanges Paramsothy, a doctoral research student from University of East London went to Punguditivu to document the lives of our people. PWA organised a DVD release at Harrow Civic Centre to which we were pleased by the attendance, attracting a large and engrossed audience. The documentary tackled issues such as infrastructure, caste, and effective altruism – providing numerous perspectives to a very conflicting yet pressing situation.

The donations from the evening were donated to Mr Thanges Paramsothy (venue, food and sound system all sponsored by PWAUK), encouraging further research and developmental studies into our island.

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Colour Run Fundraiser

Pungudutivu Youth Forum UK fundraised for the Pungudutivu Education Project, looking to provide a better quality education for our young students living in Pungudutivu. Having initially targeted a total donation goal of £500, the youth were overjoyed to receive over £1157.43 from many willing contributors! This, combined with previous fundraising efforts from the PWA team, contributed towards a total of £5000 raised for our Education Project.

The funds were used to provide essential provisions that were in scarce supply in these schools including exercise books, mathematic equipment and stationary! This was a fantastic effort by our youngsters, and one which fills us with hope for their future endeavours!


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Ambalavanar Kalaiarangam fund collection meeting

As per requested by Ambalavanar Kalaiaranga committee from Canada, this meeting was arranged by our committee to collect funds from the Pungudutivu diaspora to build a cultural centre in Ward no. 12. For this event, the venue sponsored S. Kirupanthavel and the food sponsored by Ruby Catering.

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Poultry Farming

As per an arrangement with Pungudutivu Bharathy Sanasanmuganilayam, our organisation was able to provide 10 families with the facilities to enter poultry farming – delivering them 10 nets and 20 chickens to each family with three months capacity for feed to provide the poultry.

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Katruvali Kiramam 20th Year Anniversary  

Our biggest function of the year was our Katruvali Kiramam 20th Year Anniversary Mega Music Concert – which included performances by singers Harihara Sudhan, Satyan Mahalingam & Super Singer Anitha Karthikeyan. Alongside a delicious three-course dinner provided by Ruby Caterings, the event was sold out as celebrations carried on through the night.

The event was not only a superb celebration of our past, present and future, but also managed to produce an enormous profit of over £10,000 – a brilliant effort by our community young and old, coming together to support our eternal cause.


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Funds raised from the evening are planned to be distributed towards 13 different nurseries in Pungudutivu, looking to raise them to equal standards and providing facilities for teachers.

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Education Centre

The renovation of the education centre in Ward 3 was successful, renovating the old building and provided all of the necessary equipment to bring it up to modern standards.

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JMFOA Resuscitation Project Visit to Divisional Hospital, Pungudutivu.

After liaising with Jaffna Medical Faculty Overseas Alumni UK (JMFOA) they visited our divisional hospital in Pungudutivu on the 3rd May 2017.

Their aim was to meet with the staff of the hospital and introduce JMFOA–UK along with their resuscitation project. They assessed the hospital’s emergency/resuscitation facilities and were generous enough to donate much needed medical equipment to the hospital.

Equipment donated:

  • Pulse Oximeter
  • Blood glucose monitor
  • 2 Nebulisers (with spare tubes and ampoules)
  • Digital blood pressure monitor
  • Copies of British National Formulary


Needs identified:

  • Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
  • Resuscitation training

have planned their next visit around Oct/ Nov 2017 to address these needs.

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